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Author: Jeffrey Lego

Leaf Mulching is one of the more organic methods of leaf removal. And, it is very lawn friendly.

If you have a push mower, it is more than likely that it is already mulch-capable. Most of the time, there is a plastic shoot where grass exits the push mowers deck. You should be able to remove the plastic shoot, and block the hole in the mowers deck. Most newer lawn mowers come with a mulching blade as well. If not, one can easily be picked up for around the price of $20.00.

Author: John A. Nesbitt

Hanging baskets are typically used to grow impressive flower displays but can also but used to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. As well as being a novel alternative to flowers growing fruit and veg in a basket is a very clever use of space especially when in a town dwelling.

Strawberries make an ideal fruit to be grown in a hanging basket by providing both a delicious fruit as well as some colour for visual effect. Strawberries should be planted in spring.

You will need all of the materials to hand - frame, compost, liner, strawberry and other plants, slow release fertiliser and 12" of polythene.

Author: Donald Saunders

If you discover that your child is struggling in a public school and is becoming increasingly downcast as the weeks roll by then home schooling may be an option that you should look at. If so, be prepared for a changeover period after removing the child from the public school system before jumping into 'full-time' home schooling.

Author: Barry Rodgers

Have you ever wondered what goes in to your favourite sausages? Have you ever worried about the quality of ingredients in those sausages that your family cannot get enough of? Whilst expensive butchers’ sausages may only contain the very best ingredients, the cheaper mass-produced varieties may not. The only way to ensure that your sausages are both delicious and nutritious is to make them yourself. If you are thinking that sausage making is some kind of mysterious butchers’ art and well beyond the average cook, prepare to think again! Read on and discover why it is fun, easy and satisfying to make your own sausages at home.

Author: H.L.Stone

Hobby farming, also known as sustainable farming or sometimes family farming, can be a great way to explore your personal interest in growing vegetables, raising livestock, or even beekeeping while engaging in a home grown business venture that incorporates family togetherness and quality time as much as building a successful home-based business.

Author: suzimc

Having been raised in rural Alabama, I must confess, I'm a bit domesticated. Growing up on my Grandmother's farm, I spent many a summer shelling peas and canning them in her kitchen. As I got older, we moved away from near my Grandmother, and my canning days were ended.

About 20 years ago, I got the wild idea to try home canning again, after finding a pressure canner in a catalog. I bought two and I have been canning ever since. Every year at Christmas my husband and I can about 75 quarts of pasta sauce and give them out as gifts. All of my friends and family look forward to it. I love to can and have been collecting canning recipes for years.

Author: Tom Sutton

Have you ever wondered how a professional painter decorator can paint so well? They do not have drips or areas where the paint has pooled on the frame of the window sill, they don't cover the floor in paint, the finished job looks absolutely fantastic. The secret to being a great painter is knowing your trade inside out, if you're a DIY enthusiast then the following tips can be of great assistance, if you're not keen on DIY then it is probably best to hire a skilled painter for your project.


Step One :: Choose The Right Type of Paint