Modern day homesteaders range from those who choose to live a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle, scraping an existence out of their land with little or no modern conveniences; to those who choose a simple living lifestyle, incorporating small-scale agriculture, sustainable and permaculture gardening, and home food production and storage into rural, suburban or city living. If you have an interest in becoming even the slightest bit more self sufficient in your day to day living, then chances are you are a homesteader at heart.

Here at homesteader's journal our goal is to help you find inspiration and knowledge regarding self sufficiency. No matter how you see yourself fitting into the homesteading way of life,  it is our hope that you will find that the pages of this site provide a variety of relevant material for your enjoyment.

We intend for this to be a community driven site and will do our best to meet the needs of our users. We look forward to a time when we can have a regular flow of content and a consistent readership. On a personal note, I have long been a fan of the many print magazines that dedicate themselves to country living and homesteading material as well as an enthusiastic reader of alternative building practices, home improvement articles and things of that nature. I remember reading a book that I think was titled "Practical Guide to Homesteading" back in the late seventies or early eighties that introduced such concepts as long reach gardening and talked about how to carve out an existence on three acres of land (If anyone knows of this book, its actual title, and where it could be found, I would appreciate hearing about it). I guess that is where my interest started. As my involvement with the internet grew, it only made sense to try to build a site that would allow continual access to the type of material I enjoy reading both for myself and for others.

My family and I have been continually doing more and more to make ourselves less dependant on others. We have tried many food preservation projects, done many of our own home repairs, planted gardens and containers and taught ourselves many things over the years. We look forward to sharing those experiences over time and to reading about the experiences of others.

User registration is not required, but it does allow the user to participate in certain aspects of the site, such as polls and submitting articles for inclusion, which an unregistered user can not participate in. Registering also helps us to count the number of distinctive users, as well as the number of times they use the site, which provides confirmation that the site is successfully providing a service to a specific number of people. The information that we collect will not be sold or given to any third party except as outlined in our privacy policy regarding legal requirements to disclose such information.

Once registered, as we stated earlier, you will be able to submit a story for consideration. If you have an interest in writing on a regular basis either in the form of a blog or just a contributor of many stories about your experiences or expertise, then simply contact us and let us know what you have in  mind. We know that as the site grows we will need the help of others to function as editors or moderators in order to ensure that the site remains up to date and enjoyable for all.

So, come join us and share the experiences of fellow modern day homesteaders. You will have the opportunity to participate in our forums and are encouraged to write an article about things you have learned from your successes or failures. It is our belief that our visitors will be more interested in the practical application, successful or otherwise, rather than the theoretical pros and cons, of a particular concept or practice.

Obviously, being a web based publication, we are not here to debate the virtues of pure homesteading over the woes of modern day living. We are here to marry the two if you will.

  • to promote ways of enjoying all the conveniences of modern life while limiting the impact on the world at large
  • to promote the idea of doing more and more to provide for your own self sustenance such as the use of solar, wind and/or hydro as a source of power rather than being tied to the grid, OR in addition to being tied to the grid and possibly reaping the benefit of being paid for extra power that you feed back into the grid
  • the use of modern equipment to promote safer preservation of foodstuffs.

Of course, the “old fashioned” methods that allow for more economical means of providing for yourself are always things that we feel our visitors will benefit from, but from the point of view of providing a resource for them to use, not an opinion for them to adhere to.

Maybe it would be best said that “teaching, not preaching” is the best approach to take when writing an article for us to consider for inclusion. Any and all subjects related to homesteading in the slightest way are good things to consider as subjects to write about when writing for us. There are some subjects, politics and such, that simply must be presented in an opinionated form. We will strive to include all points of view, but those that simply do not fit with a homesteading perspective would not likely be included. If we feel that an article does not fit, we will inform you of that decision and give you the opportunity to convince us otherwise. If you provide a compelling argument we may reconsider or possibly poll our registered users to determine if there is indeed an interest. It is our intention to be very open to all points of view.

So, please register, visit often and participate where you can. We would love for you to be active in our forums, to blog about your homesteading experiences and to write articles to help your peers as a resource for their homesteading adventures, or to simply consume the information found here for your own benefit.