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Well the Tea Party in Chattanooga drew a crowd of 500 plus on a somewhat chilly day. There were a number of speakers and they even brought on a Sara Palin look alike, Joan from Ringgold Ga, that drew the crowd in very close to the stage as she came out waving in much the same way we have seen Sarah Palin do at various events. And even after it was disclosed that she was a look alike and not the real Sara Palin, the crowd stayed drawn in for her presentation. Joan, like many of the other speakers, spoke of the need to stop the unfettered spending that is taking place in Washington DC these days.

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I took a look at the website today and it was quite interesting. I am not sure about the whole thing in general, but I did like one of the videos that happen to be on the front page. I liked it so much that I posted a link to it for all my friends on facebook and I think that people finding this site and this blog entry will like it also, so here it is...

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