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October 2010
When you're considering your child's education, you really should to consider all options. There's the usual choice of public school, which can be good for socializing your child but they aren't exactly number one when it comes to education, which can be greatly attributed to the fact that public school (especially high school) is a popularity contest, and a lot of kidsspend more time studying other people and their clothing than they do their curriculum.
Author: John A. Nesbitt

Hanging baskets are typically used to grow impressive flower displays but can also but used to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. As well as being a novel alternative to flowers growing fruit and veg in a basket is a very clever use of space especially when in a town dwelling.

Strawberries make an ideal fruit to be grown in a hanging basket by providing both a delicious fruit as well as some colour for visual effect. Strawberries should be planted in spring.

You will need all of the materials to hand - frame, compost, liner, strawberry and other plants, slow release fertiliser and 12" of polythene.

So, you've gotten a few chickens and while they were chicks you kept them indoors under a heat lamp..but now they're grown and you need a new place to keep them.

One or two things to keep in mind when building your chicken coops is to make sure there are at least a few individual boxes (ideally, you should have one box per chicken) in case your hens go broody and want to set on some eggs, especially if you have a rooster. If you don't have a rooster, there's really no point in letting a hen set because, well, she's just not going to have anything come of it. But either way, you should have one box per chicken because chickens want a little privacy while they lay their eggs - wouldn't you? And, you should also consider roosting bars, since chickens roost in trees at night naturally.
You might be surprised at what you can add to your compost pile, as composting goes much farther than just grass clippings and veggie scraps, and sometimes throwing dead leaves in. I was really surprised to come across some of the things that you can add to your composting pile, and not only will your plants benefit from these added nutrients but landfills will fill up more slowly.

Some of these things are basically common sense, but some of them made me go 'woah, really?'. Freezer Burnt Fruits/Veggies. These make good compost, because after all, once they thaw out they'll start decomposing just like any other fruit or veggie. Pet Hair. This also composts well, and if you put it in the compost pile it'll help get rid of some allergy triggers in your home and possibly help you breathe better!

Wood chips
Bee droppings
Author: Jeffrey Lego

Leaf Mulching is one of the more organic methods of leaf removal. And, it is very lawn friendly.

If you have a push mower, it is more than likely that it is already mulch-capable. Most of the time, there is a plastic shoot where grass exits the push mowers deck. You should be able to remove the plastic shoot, and block the hole in the mowers deck. Most newer lawn mowers come with a mulching blade as well. If not, one can easily be picked up for around the price of $20.00.

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